When nature strikes!

Ocean of humans floating in the faith,
everyone rushing to deity’s gate.
Old, young and kids all chanting & pray,
clouds overcast with shades of gray.
Mountains cut and river-bed full of concrete,
construction around shows man’s never-ending greed.
Place of worship turned into a fair,
oblivious of the fact what’s brewing up there.
Sounds of heaven invaded the skies,
none imagined soon every corner would be full of cries.
Water gushing down the slopes so quick,
bringing down huge boulders and the thick slick.
Everything got swept away in a flash,
all left was a big mess.
Time to realize when nature strikes,
we have to pay the price!

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4 Responses to When nature strikes!

  1. You notice the deeper reality.

    I happened to have recently finished a miniseries How to Succeed as a Blogger, which new and veteran alike had a lot to say on. Feel free to let me know if anything hits home. =)

    Cheerleading your way.


  2. tosid01 says:

    You wrote this on my Birthday.

    This is very deep upon the emotional level,
    I hope it was a past experience or a dream.
    I hope that this is of the heart,
    not something you endured
    not even in part.
    I hope it is better, I hope it is right!
    I wish you and yours nothing but delight!
    The World is crazy, the World is grim,
    But Weather, and Mother Nature will always win.
    See her warning and take her heed,
    For she will swallow you up,
    Most indeed.

    I was feeling a bit creative, I also write short stories and poems. Usually dark and morbid, but sometimes spontaneous and funny. I like your blog and decided to follow, feel free to check out mine as well, I can also send you a link to a recent blog set up for poems and such, if you like.
    Best Wishes



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