The last drop..

Deb said “Bye” to the cab driver while getting down outside his housing society at 5 am, after grilling 8 hour shift.

As Deb walked away, driver said “Ma’m, you don’t speak to anyone in the cab and always sit at the end. Why so?” while looking at the lone female passenger of cab.

“We are not in the same team, we don’t know each other. And I don’t like talking to someone who’s not like me” she said.

“OK, please don’t get angry. I just asked casually” said cab driver and there was no response. She got down near her house in next 5 minutes and quietly waved at cab driver without saying anything.

Next day after picking up all four by 6:30 pm, cab driver said “Starting tomorrow I will not be coming for 1 week, visiting my village to attend a cousin’s wedding. Vendor will send some other cab.”

“Ma’m, as yours is first pick-up so you might get a call from the new cab driver tomorrow, to guide him on the route till your place” he added.

Adi, Deb & Rajesh looked at each other and Adi said “Ma’m!! Which Ma’m? Are you trying to be funny!!”

Cab driver surprisingly said “Ma’m sitting at the last seat. The one who gets the last drop, after Deb Sir. Shonali ma’m, who else?” while slowing down the cab at a lonely stretch as it was getting dusky outside.

By that time Deb was furious and shouted “Hello, are you on some dope. It’s only three of us in the cab. And it has been only three of us in the cab who travel everyday in your cab for past 10 months, since the day when after dropping me early in the morning our cab met with an accident just 500 meters before Shonali’s house. Cab was hit by a truck being driven at very high-speed and she died on the spot. Poor cab driver lost his right hand and got paralyzed. So keep your mouth shut!”.

Cab driver was shivering while pointing his finger at the end and three of them looked at the last seat of cab in horror…..


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