Point of return..

Vibhor banged the door while rushing out of house, with several thoughts hitting him like tides crashing on the seashore. This time it took him just few minutes to decide what to do; catch bus to his native place and dive into river right in front of the temple. With few hundred rupees in his pocket, wearing just t-shirt and a short; he was out on the road at night and had lost it completely this time. Oblivious of surroundings, he was walking like a possesed man towards main road out of the locality.

On barely walking 500 metres, he was brought to the senses by shrieks of 2 young kittens and a dog running after them. By the time he realized this, kittens hid below a parked car and dog was still trying to reach them. Suddenly Vibhor picked a stone and ran towards that dog shouting, seing someone charging at him dog ran away to save his life. He sat on the road and looked under car, kittens were still shrieking clinging to each other and were visibly shaken. Extending his arm, Vibhor patted them for a while and took out in his hands. It took them few minutes to calm down and feel safe. Vibhor brought their face closer to his eyes and could see their moist eyes and hugged them, which gave him a little peace. While still playing with them, he heard a cat’s meowing just behind himself. Hearing that, both kittens too started meowing in exitement and Vibhor guessed that to be mother Cat. He quietly placed the kittens in front of her and took few steps back.

And he witnessed one of the most beautiful moments of life, Cat mom licking her kittens and kittens jumping with joy on her body. It almost brought tears to Vibhor’s eyes. He kept on looking at them for sometime and thought these kittens won’t be able to live a secure life all by themselves in the world full of vultures and dogs! And he suddenly turned back, those 500 metres looked very long as he just wanted to hug his own children…

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