Let me write…

Life is on move everyday,
few having fun and others busy in pray.
People running around and occupied in life,
everyone working hard to strive.
No time to even say a “hello”,
humanity has forgotton how to be mellow.
Some happy in love few busy in fight,
life has so many emotions to write.
Little ones are busy in laughter and play,
they don’t care of night or day.
When there is so much around to capture,
nothing more than writing can be better!


Door apart..

One door apart,
two beating heart.
She’s inside coach,
out he pretends to look at watch.
Smile flashing on the faces,
everytime eyes meet.
Very obvious to all,
what they are trying to keep discreet.

Glances being exchanged,
she requests him to go.
He keeps waiting,
telling her only after you.
Connecting phone to charging point,
she said battery is dead.
Let’s chat in few minutes,
please come on Whatsapp.

At last doors close,
and Metro starts moving.
Both of them said “bye”,
but for long hands kept waving.
Smile on the face and typing on phone,
engrossed she is in her own world.
Life’s like a beautiful dream,
Oh that teenage love!

(Inspiration – A teenage couple in love at Kirti Nagar Metro station)

Can you give up your wants and live peacefully with needs?

Wants vs Needs..

Sandhu Bhamra on Finding Self

Four months since I blogged.

I apologize for not being in touch. I was working on a huge project at home… a project of evaluating needs vs. wants, a project fuelled by my Yoga practice.

It started with a simple realization: I wasn’t really practicing the Yoga philosophy that I was reading, analyzing or meditating on.

Here, (as always) by Yoga practice, I don’t really mean the physical poses.

The basic aim of practicing Yoga is inner peace and attaining paramanada. Sometimes people misinterpret Yoga philosophy to mean that one has to give up all outward possessions to practice a yogic lifestyle. But the whole Yogic philosophy is that the source of our happiness is inwards. A person in his or her quest to attain happiness, keeps accumulating materialistic stuff, wanting more, and in the process, ends up feeling much more miserable. You could live in a palace…

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Point of return..

Vibhor banged the door while rushing out of house, with several thoughts hitting him like tides crashing on the seashore. This time it took him just few minutes to decide what to do; catch bus to his native place and dive into river right in front of the temple. With few hundred rupees in his pocket, wearing just t-shirt and a short; he was out on the road at night and had lost it completely this time. Oblivious of surroundings, he was walking like a possesed man towards main road out of the locality.

On barely walking 500 metres, he was brought to the senses by shrieks of 2 young kittens and a dog running after them. By the time he realized this, kittens hid below a parked car and dog was still trying to reach them. Suddenly Vibhor picked a stone and ran towards that dog shouting, seing someone charging at him dog ran away to save his life. He sat on the road and looked under car, kittens were still shrieking clinging to each other and were visibly shaken. Extending his arm, Vibhor patted them for a while and took out in his hands. It took them few minutes to calm down and feel safe. Vibhor brought their face closer to his eyes and could see their moist eyes and hugged them, which gave him a little peace. While still playing with them, he heard a cat’s meowing just behind himself. Hearing that, both kittens too started meowing in exitement and Vibhor guessed that to be mother Cat. He quietly placed the kittens in front of her and took few steps back.

And he witnessed one of the most beautiful moments of life, Cat mom licking her kittens and kittens jumping with joy on her body. It almost brought tears to Vibhor’s eyes. He kept on looking at them for sometime and thought these kittens won’t be able to live a secure life all by themselves in the world full of vultures and dogs! And he suddenly turned back, those 500 metres looked very long as he just wanted to hug his own children…

Soul’s balm..

Spark of your eyes,
ignites light in my heart.
Smile on your face,
leaves me wanting for an embrace.
Your eyelashes flutter,
it’s only you who matter.
Your tender tiny fingers,
fit so nicely in my palm.
Your head on shoulder,
is my soul’s balm.

(Inspiration – A young couple adjacent to whom I sat for about 45 minutes in Delhi metro and heard their conversation, observed them.)

4 Phases Every Blogger Experiences

And I too can relate to it..

A Collection of Musings

Before my first post, I thought writing was all you needed to do to run a blog. Perhaps it is enough to run a blog, but it’s certainly not enough to run a successful blog. If you write more than 2 blog posts you will almost definitely enter phase 1.

Phase 1
It turns out it is no fun writing if there is nobody to read what you are saying. So you work on getting followers. You tell your friends. Some of them start reading your blog. Some of them wish they could have a conversation without you bringing up ‘that damn blog’. And others ask you about it regularly, but never actually read it.


Phase 2
Eventually you run out of friends to promote your blog to and you focus on finding strangers to read your work. Perhaps you start to follow other blogs and find like-minded bloggers. Or…

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Lost. Again!

Can see people moving, and hear all the sound.
As I try to weave my thoughts, which seem to wander around.
Days spent like this, nights are quite same.
Every attempt to do something better, has gone in vain.
Robotic nods, and the fake smiles.
In middle of somewhere, yet to cover miles.
Accomplish goals, at any cost?
Something tells me, for sure I am lost!


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