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दिल अब कुछ यूँ जलने लगा है
सुरूर  नशे में बदलने लगा है,
पीते थे कभी वक़्त बिताने को
हर दिन अब शराब में ढलने लगा है।


The Betrayal…

As I checked my Blackberry to see if there are any new mails, metro made a halt at Rajiv Chowk station and a huge crowd was inside the coach within a few seconds. A young woman in her mid twenties came and stood beside me at the right side, some male friend or a colleague was with her and they seemed to be discussing something.

“Listen, I am sorry! It was a mistake I committed under influence of alcohol” the guy was almost pleading to her in an over crowded metro.

People around were looking at them and trying to understand what’s happening.

“Under influence of alcohol?? Don’t give me that crap. I am not sure with how many sluts you would have slept so far under the influence of alcohol. I have been mad for you, gave six important years of my life. Is this what I deserve? No, I deserve better.”

“I swear, don’t know what and how does all this happened. I drank a lot that day in the party and lost my senses”

“Really!! You were not in your senses but conscious enough to get laid with that bitch. Do you expect me to believe this”?

As the guy tried holding her arm, she pulled herself back and almost shouted “Don’t…and stay away.”

By that time almost everyone around knew they are fighting and were staring at them.

“I love you, you know that very well and can not think of a life without you. Please forgive me.” young man said pleading.

“Oh, come on! Don’t start this again. You betrayed me, betrayed my love and the faith. I hate you, don’t want to see your face ever again. You better don’t try to call me.”

“No, it was not betrayal. I did not do anything intentionally. It just happened….”

“Aha, that’s not betrayal. How cool you are about it, you will understand only if I would do something like this. Like, like kissing this guy right here in front of everyone.” and she suddenly kissed me on my right cheek few times and held my arm tight.

Everyone in the coach was left stunned, including that guy. And by the time I realized what’s happening and shrugged her off, it was too late. And at the same time metro made a halt at Kirti Nagar station, I moved out and that woman followed me shouting to her ex-boyfriend by now “Don’t try to follow me or get down here, I will otherwise call cops.”  And he froze inside the metro coach while it moved out of the station.

I rushed to take stairs. She came running after me and said “Thanks a lot and I am really sorry to embarrass you like this. I was just looking for an opportunity to dump that bastard…….”

(Loosely Based on a true conversation I overheard recently in Delhi Metro between a couple in love; or may be not in love anymore)


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