7 years at WordPress..


Though I started writing regularly only about 3 yrs back!

100th follower..

Got 100th follower of my blog today. Achievement??

Go get a life..

Someone asked me “You have a blog? You write?”

“There are hundreds of out there who write like you, maintain a blog. What have they achieved so far? Is it not wasting your time rather than focusing on better things?”

All I could do was stare into that “someone’s” eyes for long with a smile and utter “Go, get a life..It’s far better than doing nothing and judging people!”

50 posts !

How does it feels to have 50 posts on your blog?

Well, nothing great. Still have a long way to go; want to keep writing and sharing all my life. Never had any numbers in my mind when I started this blog, and no targets as such. Credit goes to people, situations which either inspired or gave me some food for thought and I tried my hand at either writing a short poem or few paragraphs on my point of view. Not to forget fellow bloggers, whom interesting posts I have re-blogged at times!

Thank you all for spending your valuable time on reading posts on my blog, and the words of encouragement.

Me @ Blogging

I believe this is the right medium to reach out to all netizens, and let the entire world know what I want to say aloud. Everything & anything am going to write here are my personal thoughts & beliefs; please don’t feel bad or offended. And if there’s anything which you read here really makes you angry or you disagree..my sincere apologies. But I am not going to take back my words. You either like it or don’t like it, Simple !

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments on my posts, I would love to know how bad am I writing or what I should keep on writing in spite of the criticism. Only thing that’s not appreciated here is, abusive words/language. So watch out before you write.

Happy Reading ! At least I will be writing happily 😉

Cheers !!


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