परवाह तुम मेरी करते नहीं,
खैर किस्से अब वो पुराने हुए।
ख़्वाबों से लगा करते थे जो,
अनजाने से वो अफ़साने हुए।

Why should I really care !!

You probably have nothing else to do, seem to be more interested in people around you.
How about try finding someone whom you can screw?

There are better things in life to do,
Other than weaving stories around something you don’t have any clue!

It’s not that I really care,
But don’t get personal I dare!!


aaj ki shairi

Just like that

reach out and touch someone.....

Umesh Kaul

Traveler!!!! on the road

What do you do Deepti

Exploring madness***

आज सिरहाने

लिखो, शान से!


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