तेरी वो खिलखिलाती हँसी और नाजु़क हथेली,
मुस्कुराना तेरा बंद करके पलके, अजीब सी है पहेली।
हर बात पर तू रठ जाती और आँखों से मोती टपकाती है,
तेरी रोज़ की इक नई अदा, मुझको तो बहुत भाती है।
वो नींद से उठकर तेरा डगमगाते कदमों से आना,
और कितने प्यार से बाहों मे मेरी समा जाना।
इशारे तेरे अब तुतलाते शब्दों में ढलने लगे हैं,
तेरे प्यार में पिया पापा फिसलने लगे हैं।

(मेरी प्यारी बेटी पिया के लिए)

Parenting rarely works on advice, but here’s one: don’t lie to your child

For all parents..

Sandhu Bhamra on Finding Self

At my daughter’s school, to drop her off, I saw one of her classmates miserably clinging to his mother. As we waited for the kindergarten teacher to come and take the kids, I politely inquired if the child was feeling okay. The mother said, of late, her son hadn’t been enthusiastic about school.

I thought, probably the kid was just tired, as she had mentioned about his late bedtime; I shrugged it off.

But the child broke into sobs and literally dug into his mother. My daughter tried cheering him up, but soon he got hysterical. I politely asked if she had tried to find out if the kid was having any problem at school – with learning, with a classmate, or with the teacher. She dismissed my concern and said he was just acting up.

Then she told her son to go to the class with his teacher and…

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