“Come on, pick it up” said Kapil as Sheena’s phone kept ringing for third consecutive time without any response.

She must have reached office by now, he thought and dropped mail at her office mail id. At the same time, he received sms from Sheena…

“Hi, I am in full day training and then have to go out with parents for a family Dinner. Will call you tomorrow morning.”

Strange, she didn’t shared about this full-day training and the dinner…thought Kapil while getting out of Metro at Mandi House station.

“So, we are not meeting today in the evening?”

“Yes, not possible. Maybe tomorrow, let’s see.” was Sheena’s response.

Kapil took out his phone and made a call “Hello! Where are you? Ok. Let’s go to Buzz tonight? Done! I will pick you up at 9. Bye!”

At sharp 9 pm, Kapil was outside Rini’s place and messaged her on Whatsapp “I am here, come quick.”

“In 5 minutes please.” she replied.

Rini was out in 5 minutes, and Kapil was not able to take his eyes off her. She was wearing a Mini with off-shoulder silver color top. Even the guards of her Apartments were staring at her, legs to be precise. She settled down in the car and Kapil was still looking at her. He came back to his senses only when Rini said “Let’s go” a bit loud, for the third time.

“You look hot.” was all Kapil could say.

“Thank you!”

They reached Buzz in about 30 minutes and were down with 4 shots each within 10 minutes. Music played loud and they were dancing with it’s beats, everyone in the Discotheque was! Kapil and Rini were little drunk and holding onto each other while dancing, very close. So engrossed they were into each other, that without realizing bumped into another couple and almost fell on the dance floor.

They apologised to the couple, and to Kapil’s shock the girl turned out to be Sheena! Kapil and Sheena froze for few seconds and stepped back.

“Meet Sheena, my Ex-Girlfriend” said Kapil to Rini.

“Your Ex? You never shared this this” Rini said surprisingly.

“Hardly matters….” while moving to the bar and gulping a shot Kapil blurted….


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