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No age for Facebook..

I am sitting beside an old couple, and as usual engrossed in the music. They are talking something, time to lower volume and pay attention :-))

Out of nowhere, man takes out a mobile from his pocket and extends his hand. What is he trying to do? Oh, a selfie! And now wife holds his arm, both of them give a nice smile to camera lens and sound of shutter. They together check the pic and are not happy, few more tries and finally a photo both of them like.

“So this one?” man while showing photo to wife.

“Yes, this is looking good” wife.

I peep into their mobile and check out the click. Not bad, in fact a lovely click.

Wait, now what he is doing?? He just posted it on Facebook with a wink and said smiling “There’s no age for Facebook!”. Description he added for the photo “With my love..”

And I kept looking at them for sometime as ‘Likes’ started pouring in…

Most common (and boring) Facebook status updates..

Life without Facebook these days is like DTC bus without breakdown (those who have spent significant time in Delhi and traveled in old DTC buses would know this). Everyone seems to be just too eager to update status at Facebook for anything & everything. Some of the most common ones:

1. Wow, it’s raining.
2. Phew, what a day it has been.
3. Fridayyyyyy.
4. Booze with friends at ‘xyz’ bar and loving it.
5. Enjoying great food at ‘abc’ With friends, yummy.
6. I am sick (sic) and out.
7. Almost weekend.
8. Monday blues.
9. ‘…..’, what a movie & performances. Must watch !
10. WTF.

How to utilize your time while driving on Delhi roads..

This is for people in Delhi NCR who drive long hours to reach their work places and back home. I can very well understand their pain as have been myself doing this for past 6 years. By now probably have spend almost 240 days of my life on road in last 6 years just commuting. But guess there’s no point cribbing about it, let’s explore some of the positives of being on road..

1. You don’t have to go to a bar for your drinks and pay exorbitant amount of money. Keep your car stocked with liquor of choice and enjoy your drinks while driving. Cheers!! (Saves money)

2. Schedule all your calls in such a way that those are in sync with your travel time. It will help you to wrap up most of the calls while you are driving, leave early from office and reach home on time. (Saves time)

3. With so many traffic jams/diversions being faced in NCR almost every day, try alternate routes and all the shortcuts and remember those. So you would never need to spend any money on GPRS ever. (Saves money and good for brain)

4. With so many traffic signals all around on your way, practice some of the breathing exercises of Ramdev while waiting for red signals to turn green. (Good for health)

5. Access all social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc while driving so that you can focus on your work while in office (Good for productivity at office).

Any other suggestions are more than welcome, please feel free to comment.


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