To Sir with….

Dear Sir, by now you must have read news about a young boy from Khandva scoring century on his debut for India against England. “Prithvi Patil” is his name, every newspaper has his photograph on the front page and all news channels are talking only about him for past 1 day.

This name sounds familiar. Right?


That’s me Sir!!!! Prithvi, how can you forget me?

Ok, so let me help you to remember who is this “Prithvi Patil”. Like you I am also born and brought up in Khandva, and have spent most of my life there only. But unlike you, I had a dream to make it big in life and was mad about cricket ever since I remember. Cricket was my only passion and you got a taste of it when you were appointed our class teacher in 7th grade. I was already part of our district’s Under-14 team, and as coach used to say “most promising all-rounder” in the entire state.

I just needed to skip few days of school every month to play my matches & practice with team, but with the promise that I will cover up the syllabus and clear all my exams. You wanted me to be in school every day, come what may. You failed to realize my potential and didn’t agreed to my schedule. Finally my father and coach met with the school Principal to take approval for the same, which he readily granted looking at my past records. It hurt your ego sir, how could a student defeat you? You punished me a lot of times unnecessarily and used to say “Don’t waste your time on sports. It will not do any good for you, only education will help you to earn money and live a decent life”. I didn’t understand it then being a kid, but now I fail to understand how can a teacher do this? You ensured that I don’t pass my exams next year. I was upset & cried a lot for days and finally was left with no option except for enrolling in Open School. My parents hired a tutor to ensure I don’t miss on the education. I continued playing for local clubs, got selected in state team and now finally representing country. Isn’t this a proud moment? Probably not for you! I am famous and have made entire Khandva known in the world, and you are not even known in entire Khandva 🙂

Like a lot of other students, I would have loved to thank my teachers & write this letter with gratitude but you made me to write with “attitude“. Sorry!

Yours Sincerely…..


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