Crazy you..

That blue eye shadow and hubby in the tow,
Lady you lift weights like a pro.
That run on the treadmill with hair falling down to knees,
Leads to men working out in the gym to freeze.
Your crazy number of squats,
Turning most civilized men here to brats.
Your passion for bench press,
Just too much to impress.
Those countless abdominal reps,
Should have got at least 6 packs.
So till the time you are a member here honey,
This gym’s gonna mint money!

(Dedicated to all those ladies in my gym who work out like a Pro)

Instructors @ Gym

Here’s what I have seen Gym instructors spending most of their time on in the Gym:

1. Roam around with hands in pockets.
2. Play with Smart phones.
3. Checking their own muscles at times.
4. Giving random instructions to people working out (this is not correct, add more weight, etc etc)
5. Eating eggs/sprouts, drinking milk/protein shakes.
6. Shuffling songs.
7. Chatting with females.
8. And if any time’s still left, helping members with their exercise routines.

Gym and the irritants..

Most common irritants in any gym..

1. Focus of instructors on women, as if they are the only ones paying money and we (men) have enrolled under EWS quota.
2. People watching television in Gym (along with instructors, wow) instead of working out.
3. People suggesting which exercise and diet is best for you, without even giving themselves a closer look in the mirror.
4. Latest romantic numbers which people insist on playing, as if they are in gym to take a good nap.
5. Showing off latest mobile hand sets and checking it every few minutes, as if the most busy & sought after person around.


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