#दिलसे #DilSe


#दिलसे #DilSe


तुम्हारी निगाहों की वो चंद शोखियाँ,
मेरी शराब को भी नशे में डुबाती रही।
सर्द हवा के झोंकों के साथ ही सही,
तुम याद मुझे हर बरस आती रही।


तेरे शहर..

तेरे शहर से गुजरा एक बार फिर मैं आज,
वही गलियां वही महक इतने बरस बाद।


कुछ ज़ख्म उभरे, यादें ताज़ा हुई
तेरे लिखे ख़त किताबों से निकले।

तेरी याद गोया….

बहुत उम्दा…


तेरी याद गोया,

सिगरेट का धुंआ है!

साँसों में घुल के

उतर जाती है रगों में,

जलाती है दिल-जिगर सब..


आह! सी निकलती है मुंह से,

लबों पर छोड़ जाती है,

कुछ सियाह रातों की कालिख़,

कुछ कहे-अनकहे लफ़्ज़ों का

कड़वा-तल्ख़ सा स्वाद.


ज़रा देर को,

तेरे नक्श,

हवा में,

उभरते हैं,

ठहरते हैं,

बिखरते है,

फिर सुलगते है

तेरी तलब जाना…

शांत नहीं होती!


तेरी याद गोया,

सिगरेट का धुंआ है!



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When you are gone..

Sudden demise of one of good old friend from Chandigarh made me realize that life’s very unpredictable and surprises us every day, shocks at times. We are so busy in our every day routine and never realize importance of living & enjoying life’s every moment. It just gets wasted in the rush to reach office, meetings, delivery of projects and then back home. There’s so much of stress around that it rubs on to you as well, as you get dragged in to a lot of things which you probably would like to avoid. And that stress at times gets passed onto family & friends.

So do as you wish and always wanted to. Don’t drag your life, live it. Take time off to be with your loved ones, enjoy drinks & dance with your friends, go out with your kids and show them the world. Go on vacations and see different places. I suggest work out at times and play some sport as it makes you feel good. Don’t take decisions/discussions personally at office and learn to smile at difficult times, it helps to reduce some of the stress. Because when you are gone, only memories are people left with. Try to make those memories memorable…

Rest in peace Shiven, you will always be remembered ! How can we ever forget your smiles and that carefree attitude..and I do remember our few drives from Chandigarh to Delhi 🙂 Cheers!!


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