Performance appraisal..

Lying on the bed covered by just a sheet, Niti looked around the room and saw Ronit sipping his drink quietly at the window while looking outside. Her eyes stopped at his bare muscular chest which made her breath heavily with lust and she said “Looks like you are pumping a lot of iron these days”.

“Yes, kind of. I have a lot of spare time post office. So that’s probably the best use of my time.”

“I like it, keep working out. A lot of females in the office have been eyeing you just because of  the damn good physique and cool smile you have got.”

“Really?” asked Rohit.

“As if you are not aware. Don’t try to fool me, I have 16 yrs of experience working in corporate world. That’s 6 years more than you.” Niti stopped as her phone rang, which she answered promptly “Yes baby, what? I am coming immediately.”

“My son’s in high fever, I am rushing.” said Niti while dressing up.

“What? You were supposed to be here till late evening today. What do you think of me?” said Ronit.

“Of course object” Niti responded.

“I know and I don’t mind” with a smile Ronit said while grabbing her by waist.

“But you are a really good performer. And here’s appraisal for your excellent performance over last one year” said Niti while handing over an envelope to Ronit with a wink while walking out of the room.

While reading “Promoted to Solution Architect” with a hike of almost 50%, he blurted “Performance does matter, in and out of the office” with a grin…..


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