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#दिलसे #DilSe

You will never be mine…..

You will never be mine,
but I still love you.
Please listen to me,
you can’t go like this.
Do you understand,
how much you are being missed.

There was a time,
when you always waited for my calls.
Now even responding to a message,
for you is such a pain.
Please meet me once,
before you are gone.

With your dreams in my eyes,
how am I going to spend this life.
Can not ever stop thinking of you,
always felt we will make it through.
But with you losing all hope and moving on,
it feels life is finished and worth no more!

(Triggered by hearing one side conversation of a sweet little girl talking over phone to someone last evening in Delhi Metro, probably the one she loved to the core of her heart. She was almost of the verge of crying which disturbed me and can not still take off her my mind.)


Google Google real culprit you are,
this battle has gone just too far.
Something which started with competition,
has now turned into a full blown war.

Apple can’t digest others catching up,
Samsung guys making it a lot tough.
Accusations of features being copied,
patent infringement cases all around on top of it.

A smart phone being launched every other day,
there are just too many players in the fray.
Each claiming to be number one in the race,
and having biggest customer base.

iPhone or Android is a big confusion,
even feature compare leading to no conclusion.
With so many phones available in the arena,
which one to buy is my dilemma!


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