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शहर रात भर आग में जलता रहा,
सियासतदानों का जश्न चलता रहा।


मेरे दामन में दाग,
तो तेरा भी सफ़ेद कहाँ।
हंसों की खाल में घूम रहे,
कई भेड़िये यहाँ।

मौसमे बहार..

दिल बेकरार है,
मौसमे बहार में।
हर भँवरा पङा,
कली के प्यार में।

(Inspiration – All party swapping politicians in India these days)

हमारे नेता

कहीं बु्र्के की चर्चा,
कहीं निक्करों का जिक्र है।
इस देश की यारों,
इन को कहाँ फिक्र है।
रेम्बो, डम्बो की चर्चाऔं में दिनो रहे ये खोए,
जब देश के जवान रात रात भर ना सोए।
हिंदुत्व, राष्टृवादी, समाजवादी और ना जाने क्या क्या,
ये सब मिलकर दे रहे हैं देश को दगा।
आज भी दम तोड़ते बच्चों की फिक्र कहाँ,
सियासत की सिर्फ ये सेक रहे हैं रोटियाँ।
लड़ रहे जो आज,
कल एक दूजे की बाहों में नज़र आएंगे।
इन के बस में जो हो,
तो देश बेचकर खा जाऐंगे।

Time to rise above political lines and think about “Country’..

What an end to 2011 & Lokpal in Rajya Sabha !  As usual politicians were shouting & fighting to prove their individual party’s point of views, which others were obviously not interested in listening to. It was like watching a large group of kids engrossed in their own individual discussions without paying attention to what’s happening around them, unfortunately it was entire nation in this case. It’s frustrating to watch our elected representatives to fight like this, imagine what can we expect from common citizens!!

Most of us don’t understand the Lokpal, at least I do not completely and are still in favor of it being implemented. The only high level understanding people have is that it will bring everyone under the scanner of Lokpal, and can be an catalyst to control/remove corruption in India which is widespread like plague. And I feel that’s more than we as common citizens need to understand. So, as Anna says; it’s important to bring all government bodies, departments and employees under the Lokpal to ensure it can be used effectively.

But what political parties are doing right now is just mockery of their responsibilities towards country. All of them are focused on display of their political rivalries instead of coming together and try to reach some consensus which is beneficial for entire nation. What appears is that none of them is serious and want to get this bill passed, as it’s going to make things difficult for them in future whenever being in power at center or any state. Most of them are themselves neck-deep in corruption, so what else can we expect!!

As a common citizen it’s a sincere request to all politicians to rise above political lines and start thinking about country and show some respect to the people who elect them and make them feel special. After seeing what all happened in last few days, am not sure if  I would like to really vote for any of the candidates.


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