हाँ मैं भी हिन्दू हूँ..

इंसान को इंसान समझता हूँ
धर्म के तराजू में तोलता नहीं,
तुम जैसी सोम्य और सभ्य
भाषा कभी बोलता नहीं।
बात-बात पर देना गाली
पर खुद को दिखाना महान,
धर्म के नाम पर बाँटना लोग
साधू-वेश में दे-दे व्याख्यान।
हाँ मैं भी हिन्दू हूँ
पर तुम्हारी परिभाषा से कोसों दूर,
मेरे दिल में भी देश बसता है
बस हूँ नहीं नशे में चूर।


मेरे दामन में दाग,
तो तेरा भी सफ़ेद कहाँ।
हंसों की खाल में घूम रहे,
कई भेड़िये यहाँ।


उंगलिया तो उठेंगी ही,
सवाल पूछे जायेंगे।
दूसरों के दामन से खेलने वाले,
खुद भी कहाँ बच पायेंगे।

मौसमे बहार..

दिल बेकरार है,
मौसमे बहार में।
हर भँवरा पङा,
कली के प्यार में।

(Inspiration – All party swapping politicians in India these days)

Vote for “Change”…

Phone kept ringing throughout the day and Govind answered every call patiently, while ‘People’s Party’ supporters were busy celebrating their emphatic victory in Delhi assembly elections outside party office. No one imagined this outcome, everyone believed ‘People’s Party’ would win at most 10 seats out of 50. This kind of victory by a debuting political party was a first in India, and it spoiled the party for ‘Bharat Jan Morcha’ which hoped to rule Delhi after these elections. Biggest loser was the ruling party ‘KongRace’ which has been ruling Delhi for past 15 years. By 7:50 pm counting was completed and no party got majority to form the government. Final results were – PP: 20, BJM: 26, KongRace: 3, IND: 1; which meant some form of alliance was the need of hour.

Govind spoke to his supporters and the party workers after results were declared, and got busy in giving interviews to several news channels soon. His clarity of thoughts and the determination to clean country of corruption was something which came out strongly in all of the interviews. He very clearly said that his party will sit in the opposition and not support either ‘KongRace’ or ‘BJM’. He also disclosed some of his winning candidates have been approached by other parties to join them.

As Govind retired for the day finally at 11:30 pm, his phone rang again “Hello Nishant, what happened? Everything’s fine, you called up so late in the night”.

“Govind, we need to discuss this. We are short of forming government and so is BJM, someone from their side reached out to me and they are open to give us support from outside.”

“What are you talking Nishant, how will we face people. Forming alliance with BJM or KongRace is out of question, this will be like cheating people. People voted for change this time. How can you even think of this? Let’s meet tomorrow morning at 9 am in office. Good Night!”

“How can we miss this opportunity…..” and Nishant heard phone being disconnected. He couldn’t sleep entire night and was up early morning to get ready and meet Govind.

Next morning, not a very pleasant discussion transpired between Govind and Nishant behind closed doors of party office. All those present outside room could hear the raising voices and were trying to figure out what’s the matter. Post discussions with Nishant, Govind called for a meeting with all of the party candidates irrespective of who lost or won and reiterated that they won’t form alliance with anyone, which everyone agreed to without a second thought. Except for one person in the room who was not happy with this but had no option but to go with the general mood.

“Govind, I need to go out for sometime. Have to visit someone in family who’s hospitalized. Shall be back in 2 hrs” said Nishant as he excused himself out from the celebrations.

“Haanji, Janardhan saab. I am on my way, should be there in 30 mins. But I need to be back in party office in next 2 hrs.”

“30 min is enough Nishant Ji. I am waiting for you” said Janardhan while disconnecting the phone.

As Nishant entered party office in about 2 hrs, everyone was waiting just for him to announce Govind as their leader in the legislative assembly. Nishant was happy for him as it has been a long and tiring journey till here. Both of them hugged and became emotional while there were rounds of celebrations in the party office. But at the same time Nishant wanted the party to form government in Delhi and work towards giving a better governance. He desperately wanted to do that at any cost.

Post celebrations it was time to visit various news studios by Govind and Nishant throughout the day. One thing which surprised everyone was Nishant’s point of view that PP should stake claim to form government with support from other parties. And this raised many eyebrows, including within his own party line.

For next 2 days, none among PP or BJM staked claim to form government and both were saying that they will sit in opposition. It was becoming clear that Delhi will go for a re-election very soon to resolve this. Finally after 5 days of dilemma and various meeting, Lt. Governor called BJM’s CM candidate Janardhan to discuss the options on forming government being the party with most seats in state, which he accepted readily. Next big task was to prove majority on the floor of house. Lt. Governor was surprised to see the names on that list which Janardhan handed over to him assuring they will support BJM. In next few hrs it was all over the media, now everyone was curious to know who’s going to support BJM in legislative assembly.

“Govind, we are letting go this opportunity” said Nishant over a call.

“Nishant, wait and watch. We will get majority in the re-elections. BJM won’t be able to prove majority in the house tomorrow” was Govind’s response.

“They will be able to Govind” said Nishant and disconnected the call.

Day after Janardhan took oath for Chief Ministership of Delhi, all the newly elected MLA’s were sitting in the house and waiting patiently for the Speaker to start process of voting for BJM’s claim on majority.

“Nishant Sir, where’s Govind ji” asked one of the newly elected young MLA of PP.

“On his way, should reach here in about 20 min”

Almost 15 mins passed and Speaker asked BJM to prove the majority on house floor.

Janardhan looked at Nishant and he nodded his head with a smile on his face..

“I Spoke to Govind and he is stuck in a huge jam near Lakshmi Nagar. There’s a change in the strategy as per my discussions with Govind. We are going to support BJM based on certain issues, so all of you please stand up in BJM’s support when Janardhan ji says so” said Nishant and almost all of the PP party MLAs were shocked. But they had no option, Nishant was no. 2 of PP after Govind.

“Respected Speaker Sir, in addition to BJM’s 26 MLAs, 19 MLAs of PP are giving us issue based support from outside” and he looked at the PPs MLAs benches.

Nishant stood up and all of the other 18 MLAs followed him. Nishant looked at Janardhan smiling, and said “Speaker Sir, we are supporting BJM.”

“Ok, BJM has proved the majority in house. Congratulations!” said Speaker.

There was a round of applause in the house by BJM and PP MLA’s were still not sure of what’s happening.

At the same time Speaker’s assistance barged in from the back door and spoke in his ear. Speaker rose on his feet, looked shocked and blurted “Have received a very tragic news, Mr Govind of PP is no more. A Truck hit his car at very high-speed just 2 kms away from here I am told. He died on the spot. House is adjourned….”

आम आदमी

आवाज पे तेरी उठा,
ये आम आदमी।
आगाज पे तेरे जगा,
सो रहा था जो कहीं।
आज तक सहता रहा जो सब,
कुछ ठान बैठा वो आम आदमी।
हालातों से था परेशान जो,
अब लड़ रहा वो आदमी।
दिखता ना था कुछ रास्ता जिसे,
सही राह पकड़ चुका वो आदमी।
थक चुका था गुहार लगा-लगा जो,
फैसले अब करने लगा वो आम आदमी।
एक शुरूवात जो तूने की,
आगे उसे बड़ा रहा हर आदमी।
बदलाव का जो रास्ता चुना तूने,
आगे उस पर बड़ रहा ये आदमी।
खींचने को नीचें बहुत है तैयार,
पर थामे तुझे खड़ा है आम आदमी।

(A movement which was started by Anna Hazare and taken forward by a lot of others like Arvind Kejriwal, Shashi Bhushan and more has inspired common people to believe that they can change the system themselves; which has led to discomfort in other political parties and they are playing all the dirty tricks to get back in the power. I am not a die hard fan of any particular party or leader, just hoping to see a clean and corruption free India.)

RS seats being sold. Big deal?

Lot of people have been talking of Rajya Sabha seats being sold for Rs 100 cr.

Is that really a big deal here? when lot of us are fine and ready to pay in several lakhs to secure a seat for our kids in best of the educational institutions – which starts from pre-nursery and goes till higher education. We should be very comfortable in accepting this as well!

हमारे नेता

कहीं बु्र्के की चर्चा,
कहीं निक्करों का जिक्र है।
इस देश की यारों,
इन को कहाँ फिक्र है।
रेम्बो, डम्बो की चर्चाऔं में दिनो रहे ये खोए,
जब देश के जवान रात रात भर ना सोए।
हिंदुत्व, राष्टृवादी, समाजवादी और ना जाने क्या क्या,
ये सब मिलकर दे रहे हैं देश को दगा।
आज भी दम तोड़ते बच्चों की फिक्र कहाँ,
सियासत की सिर्फ ये सेक रहे हैं रोटियाँ।
लड़ रहे जो आज,
कल एक दूजे की बाहों में नज़र आएंगे।
इन के बस में जो हो,
तो देश बेचकर खा जाऐंगे।


सत्ता के गलियारों में ये खेल अकसर होता है,
किसी के सजाए बिस्तर पे कोई और सोता है।


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