“U” turns can lead to dead-ends!

Veer was short-listing profiles since morning for the upcoming project his company has recently bagged. It was going to be his life’s biggest project so far, which spans across multiple locations (India & Globally) and success of it means him being promoted to “Offshore Delivery Head” position. He has been living this dream for past few years and now he can see the opportunity to achieve it. He was going to give his 100%, in fact more than that to live this dream now. While he was still engrossed in his thoughts, telephone extension rang..

“Hi Veer”

“Hi Nancy”

“Veer, can we start conducting interviews now? There are about 10 candidates already waiting”

“Yes, sure. I can start right away. What about Ashok? Is he not coming? I can not conduct all interviews myself.”

“He will reach office in 30 minutes, so he should also start as soon as he is here.”

“Ok, cool . Please start sending the candidates to my cabin. And I am assuming you have done the basic screening?”

“Oh yes, we did for sure. Don’t worry.”

“Great, I am waiting.”

Within few minutes first candidate knocked the door of his cabin, and he waved his hand asking to come in while still engrossed in the laptop’s screen.

“Hi, I am Kriti….Kriti Rathi” and couldn’t take her eyes off Veer.

“Hi” said Veer without looking at her “tell me about you Kriti”

“Well, I have about 10 yrs of experience and have been a Project Manager for past 3.5 years. Right now looking for a change where I can get exposure to a project which is starting from scratch. And also looking forward to some on-site opportunities which I believe your project demands.”

“Okk” said Veer while moving his gaze from the laptop screen to her. He almost froze, and Rajiv Chowk metro station flashed before his eyes. But he composed himself quickly, and asked some questions for next 10 minutes which didn’t make any sense for the role she was being screened. After that he asked her to leave while she was still surprised and nervous.

“Reject” Veer clicked on the job portal against Kriti’s profile and said to himself “no distractions plssss….”

(Story Idea : Ashish Garg)

This is a sequel to – Life does have “U” turns..


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