एक दौर था जब आँसू भी मेरे ना वो देख पाते थे,
आलम ये है की ज़िगर का खून भी पानी नज़र आता है।


Price of water…

Beena has been waiting for past 1 hour with two buckets in her hands, for the water tanker to arrive. She counted her number as 28 in the long serpentine queue of men, women and children struggling to stand in the hot June afternoon. Finally when the tanker entered her lane from the left corner and made a stop at a distance of about 50 metres from the queue, everyone rushed towards it creating almost like a stampede. There was a kind of war to get hold of tap at the rear of the tanker and the most powerful were the ones who were enjoying this power.

Beena has been pushed to almost end of the queue, whatever was left of it and in no time tanker was drained of every drop of water. She was thinking they will have to pay money to buy water today as well, and looking at the smiling faces of people who were able to fill a few buckets.

And was getting herself mentally prepared to be thrashed by her husband for not fetching some water home, today again!

(Story Idea – Writing prompt ‘Situation where there’s scacity of water’ from The Kahini Writers’ Centre – https://www.facebook.com/kahiniwriters)

A unique gift..

A very unique gift I received recently, and loved it 🙂 Thank you Ashish Garg!

When nature strikes!

Ocean of humans floating in the faith,
everyone rushing to deity’s gate.
Old, young and kids all chanting & pray,
clouds overcast with shades of gray.
Mountains cut and river-bed full of concrete,
construction around shows man’s never-ending greed.
Place of worship turned into a fair,
oblivious of the fact what’s brewing up there.
Sounds of heaven invaded the skies,
none imagined soon every corner would be full of cries.
Water gushing down the slopes so quick,
bringing down huge boulders and the thick slick.
Everything got swept away in a flash,
all left was a big mess.
Time to realize when nature strikes,
we have to pay the price!


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