मैं कोई गुलज़ार नहीं की हर बार एक नया नायाब हीरा तराश दूं,
बस कोशिश भर है दिल में उठे हर तूफ़ान को लफ्ज़ों में उतार दूं।


बहुत खूब लिखते हो वो ये अक्सर कहा करते हैं,
यहां तक पहुचें हम उनको दुआ दिया करते हैं।

Let me write…

Life is on move everyday,
few having fun and others busy in pray.
People running around and occupied in life,
everyone working hard to strive.
No time to even say a “hello”,
humanity has forgotton how to be mellow.
Some happy in love few busy in fight,
life has so many emotions to write.
Little ones are busy in laughter and play,
they don’t care of night or day.
When there is so much around to capture,
nothing more than writing can be better!

What’s happening???

Words are eluding me,
prose have died.
Rhyme I can not any more,
and stories unable to write!

Go get a life..

Someone asked me “You have a blog? You write?”

“There are hundreds of out there who write like you, maintain a blog. What have they achieved so far? Is it not wasting your time rather than focusing on better things?”

All I could do was stare into that “someone’s” eyes for long with a smile and utter “Go, get a life..It’s far better than doing nothing and judging people!”

50 posts !

How does it feels to have 50 posts on your blog?

Well, nothing great. Still have a long way to go; want to keep writing and sharing all my life. Never had any numbers in my mind when I started this blog, and no targets as such. Credit goes to people, situations which either inspired or gave me some food for thought and I tried my hand at either writing a short poem or few paragraphs on my point of view. Not to forget fellow bloggers, whom interesting posts I have re-blogged at times!

Thank you all for spending your valuable time on reading posts on my blog, and the words of encouragement.

I can

I know can write,
Don’t need your fu****g advice.
Look at you, what have you done in life so far?
It’s just been endless chase of money and luxury cars!


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