An IT professional who always wanted to do something more than just 9-5 job.

Having spent most of my life in Delhi, feel pride in calling myself a proud Delhite, though I belong to sleepy hill district “Almora” in Uttarakhand. I was born in a small village called “Kanauni” at Masi, which is a 12 hrs drive by road from Delhi and to me is most beautiful place on earth. Have spend almost all of my summer vacations there with my extended family of uncles, aunts and countless cousins. It’s a kind of experience I can never forget and have so many stories of those days, which can be easily drafted in a book of short stories (might do this someday)..

Started my professional life with a very small Indian IT solutions company but learned a lot in my 4.5 yrs of stint with them. Being a small company, we used to do everything ourselves; starting from talking to customers, capturing requirements, installing O/s, softwares, configuring them, sometimes even fixing up hardware issues. It was fun working there, and formed life long relations with most of my colleagues. We might meet/talk in years but hit upon instantly and are in splits remembering all those days and the fun we had. This one experience makes me believe that one should try to work with smaller organisations, where you have freedom to do so much yourself and opportunities to learn a lot as compared to big companies where work is so structured & divided that you might even not know who’s doing what (and why?) except for your team/group.

During early 2004, I joined Quark and moved to Chandigarh. It was a dream company to work with at that point of time for a lot of IT professionals. This is another place where I learned a lot & made some very good friends. I was in Chandigarh for almost 3 yrs and still can not forget the time spent there, the bike drives in city and to all the hills nearby. I strongly feel that “Chandigarh” is the best place to live in India and would love to be there again, if ever get another chance. In fact, I can easily settle down in Chandigarh 🙂

Came back to Delhi at the end of 2006 and have been working here since then. Life has moved on with such a fast pace in last many yrs, and I realized what I have been doing all these years. Mad rush to deliver projects, transition work from onshore to offshore; is that all I want to do!! Probably not….so this is an attempt to share my thoughts via bi-lingual blog!

My Favorite Quote:

“Sir, we are surrounded!”
“Excellent, we can attack in any direction!”

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  1. ShethP says:

    Hi there! I have nominated you for 2 awards! Please check them out here:


    Thank you for the constant support… Have a great day! 🙂


  2. Rachna says:

    Hi! Today while visiting one of my favorite blog, In comment section ….your blog name strike my attention as I have similar name for one of my blog. So my curiosity landed me to your blogosphere. As you have mentioned that Chandigarh is the best place in India…I also feel that way as I had also worked there in the year 2004-2006. I have read a few of your poems and I liked them very much.

    Happy Blogging!

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  3. ShethP says:

    Hey there! I have nominated you for the WordPress Family Award:


    Thank you for being a part of my WordPress Family! Have a nice day… 😀


  4. Update on the Poetry Group: I am going to have to put this off till next week. I began my new work schedule and I am tired. We have the list and if either of the two that submitted ideas as to how to set up this group would like instead to “take over” I am all for that. Just email me or comment here and I actually hope someone takes me up on this offer. I wanted to be a “participant” not the leader on this. But I will help construct the format of the group and provide the “platform” obviously for the setup and if no one volunteers I will group people next week and simply set a date to have your poem posted, maybe a label and tag we will all use, and a date to try and have reviews done (a week shouldn’t be hard). I will wait and see what kind of responses I get here.

    I am going to tag this post with PCG1 for now.

    -Opinionated Man


  5. Love that quote too.


  6. Chuck says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love that quote! Where is it from?


    • pankajrawat says:

      Well, this quote was shared with me my Manager in the year 2004 and since then it’s with me all the time. I have not clue where this quote is from and have not even tried finding that out but it has always helped me to find solutions to most of the things problems, at least in my professional life!


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