तुम चुप थी (एक अलग अंदाज से लिखने की कोशिश)


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तुम्हारी निगाहों की वो चंद शोखियाँ,
मेरी शराब को भी नशे में डुबाती रही।
सर्द हवा के झोंकों के साथ ही सही,
तुम याद मुझे हर बरस आती रही।


मेरी कलम…

मेरी कलम से..
जिसे तुमने धार दी..
जो सिर्फ तुम्हे लिखती रही..
शब्दों में ही सही तुम मुझे दिखती रही..

नम आँखों से..
तुम्हे रोज याद किया..
नींदें मेरी पलकों तक रही…
हर रात ने मुझे और बर्बाद किया..


अधिकार नहीं….

हाँ मेरा तुम पर अधिकार नहीं
जीवन में अब वो रस-धार नहीं,
जिन आँखों ने स्वपन सजोये थे
उन नैनों में अब अश्रुधार सही।

इस हृदय ने चाहा था तुम्हे कभी
वो पल हर-पल जैसे हो यहाँ अभी,
मन ने कितने ही थे जो महल बनाये
पग-पग में सब बिखरे धूमिल यहीं।

इन हाथों में थामें हाथ तुम्हारा प्रिये
कितने ही मौसम दोनों हम संग जिए,
नक़्शे खींचे थे कुछ जीवन की राहों के
जुदा मंज़िलों पर हम फिर चल दिए।

तुम्हे समझा पाने के सब प्रयत्नों से
दूर निकल चली तुम मेरे जतनों से,
विजयी ध्वज कुछ फहराने थे पर
जीवन में अब हार मिली तो हार सही।



गुज़रा तेरे शहर से…तो कुछ ख़त्म सा था,
आँख में आंसू की जगह…एक ज़ख्म सा था।
तुझे भुला देने के सिवा…कोई सूरत भी नहीं,
कभी जिंदगी में मेरीे…तू मलहम सा था।


इस रात को और चमकदार बना दो,
बस एक बार आँखों से मुस्करा दो।


शहर से उसके जब भी गुजरा,
वही चेहरा आँखों में उभरा।

Soul’s balm..

Spark of your eyes,
ignites light in my heart.
Smile on your face,
leaves me wanting for an embrace.
Your eyelashes flutter,
it’s only you who matter.
Your tender tiny fingers,
fit so nicely in my palm.
Your head on shoulder,
is my soul’s balm.

(Inspiration – A young couple adjacent to whom I sat for about 45 minutes in Delhi metro and heard their conversation, observed them.)

Time flies…

Shivering hands,
moist eyes.
Hold your cries,
time does flies!

Forgive me…

Forgive me for all the pain,
it’s making me as well go insane.
As if life has stopped,
wish our paths won’t have ever crossed.
Let’s not make it more difficult for us,
delaying this is going to make it worse.
I know it is a compromise,
but we will have to pay this price.
Have stopped listening to heart’s cries,
life will go on with your dream in my eyes.

(These lines popped up in my mind while writing one of the scenes of my book . Yes, I am writing a book….)


Surprise Surprise,
Can’t believe my eyes.
No traffic on Delhi roads,
That too on a Friday night!

Life does have ‘U’ turns !

With a quick glance, Kriti and Veer exchanged smiles while boarding Metro at Rajiv Chowk Metro station. This has been going on for 3 weeks now, but none of them ever tried striking a conversation.

They travel on same Metro route, from Rajiv Chowk to DLF Phase-II everyday to work. Their eyes met one day while sitting at opposite seats in a Metro coach while on their way back late evening and none of them could not take those off after that. They have almost same office work timing, and one waits at the platform letting go few metro trains if other has not reached. Not a single day has gone in last few weeks when they have not traveled in the same coach, standing at a safe distance from where at least their eyes can talk; have an animated conversation.

Today, all of a sudden Veer went a bit closer to Kriti and was about to utter something when her phone rang. Kriti took the call and on the other side a young boy was shouting with excitement “Mama, when are you coming back? I am waiting for you to have dinner”. She could just say “On my way sweetheart, I will reach soon” and disconnected the call. She looked in Veer’s eyes for few seconds as train stopped at Rajiv Chowk Metro station, and stepped out of the coach with moist eyes having images of her son jumping into her arms as soon as she gets inside the home.

Even before Veer could realize anything, Kriti was lost in the crowd which was moving out of the Metro station. Never to come back!


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