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“Dead ends” are not end of life..

Another weekend and Veer was as usual fiddling with his drink at FuzzyHead, all by himself. Visiting lounges; bars across NCR had become his weekly routine, and rarely he had any company during such so-called ‘outings’. Quite a few regulars there exchanged smiles with him but nothing beyond that, ever. At some of his frequently visited places, bartenders and other serving staff now know his preferred drinks very well depending on what time of the day it is. They look forward to his visits as he was one of those rare ‘no fuss’ kind of a guy, even after few drinks. All he needed was his drink, good food..a little space to sit and get engrossed in his phone, writing something all the time.

At 37, Veer was Offshore Director at one of the Fortune 500 IT services firm operating out of Gurgaon. For past 15 years he had spent most of his time on office work, moving up the ladder at a great pace. He had no time for family, friends and women….except for few short lasting flings. With good looks & ample bank balance, it was quite unusual for a man his age either not having a girl friend or be married by now. For him, life was almost a “Dead End”…

Engrossed in his phone and sipping the drink, Vir heard a woman talking loud over a call. She was sounding a little drunk, and almost shouting at someone. He turned back but was not able to see her face. Call continued for few minutes and as soon as it was over, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked back, and froze for few seconds..


“Hiiiiiiii” said the woman.

“Hello. Are you ok? Need something?”

“Yes, need a smoke. You have one?”

“Of course, not sure if this is your brand” said Vir while handing over his cigarette pack.

“Who cares about brand after few drinks” and she winked while laughing.

“Light please” and Vir obliged.

“Do you mind if I join you, can’t keep sitting in this strange position”

“Sure, I will finally have a company after months”

“Really, are you such a boring guy?” asked Kriti while moving to Veer’s table.

“Probably, what about you?”

“I come here only when I am very depressed and today is one of those days”


“What hmmm? You are supposed to ask a lady why she is so troubled, needs any help….looks like chivalry has died.”

“Ok, tell me. Why are you so sad and depressed. Though I find you high in spirits, is it because of only alcohol?”

“Mr ….Veer. Right?”


“Veer!! What kind of name it is? Very old fashioned.”

“I know, goes well with me. You tell me what is troubling you today?”

“Nothing much, just that I feel so lonely . It’s my B’day and have no one who remembers it. It’s just my son who called me up early in the morning and wished me.”

“Called you, where is he?”

“With his father, in Mumbai. We separated two years back and court granted Arthav’s custody to his father.”

“Oh, sorry to hear that. And a very Happy B’day.”

“Thank you and you don’t have to be. We are happy with this decision, and living in peace. I get to meet my son every two months, and he spends half of his summer vacations with me. His father is a rich man and able to take good care of him, sends him to the best of school in Mumbai. What else I need, have no other desires.”

“Hmmm….” that’s all Veer could utter…

“What about you?”

“By the way, do you remember that interview, when you asked all stupid questions and rejected me? To the day I have failed to understand why?”

“Sorry, but I just wanted to be at a distance from all distractions. There were major projects we had won and successful delivery meant I moving to Director’s position. Which I actually did, it’s been three years…must say you have a great memory.”

“So, how does it feels to be a Director Mr. Veer” Kriti said while getting a little tipsy.


“Really? and  this race to reach at the top has left you lonely…in your own company. Trust me, there is life beyond it…”

Veer had no words, in a way what Kriti said was right. He has a huge bank balance but almost no friends or family. Everyday he is all by himself after office, burning fuel and just killing his time at various pubs.

“Do settle my bill as well today Mr Veer, you will feel better.” said Kriti tapping his shoulder while getting up and moving away.

“And let’s meet at Rajiv Chowk Metro station tomorrow same time in the evening.” all Veer could hear still absorbed in his thoughts…

Third and last story in sequel to – “U” turns can lead to dead-ends!Life does have “U” turns..


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​बीमार भी हो तो सीट माँग नहीं पाता,
ग़रीब हार कर नीचे ही बैठ जाता है।

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Door apart..

One door apart,
two beating heart.
She’s inside coach,
out he pretends to look at watch.
Smile flashing on the faces,
everytime eyes meet.
Very obvious to all,
what they are trying to keep discreet.

Glances being exchanged,
she requests him to go.
He keeps waiting,
telling her only after you.
Connecting phone to charging point,
she said battery is dead.
Let’s chat in few minutes,
please come on Whatsapp.

At last doors close,
and Metro starts moving.
Both of them said “bye”,
but for long hands kept waving.
Smile on the face and typing on phone,
engrossed she is in her own world.
Life’s like a beautiful dream,
Oh that teenage love!

(Inspiration – A teenage couple in love at Kirti Nagar Metro station)

Soul’s balm..

Spark of your eyes,
ignites light in my heart.
Smile on your face,
leaves me wanting for an embrace.
Your eyelashes flutter,
it’s only you who matter.
Your tender tiny fingers,
fit so nicely in my palm.
Your head on shoulder,
is my soul’s balm.

(Inspiration – A young couple adjacent to whom I sat for about 45 minutes in Delhi metro and heard their conversation, observed them.)

No small price..

“These guys should always be kept on their toes. Else they start taking us for granted” one of the young college going girls said to her friend, both were standing just beside me in the metro and busy on WhatsApp.

“Not sure why Tarun is not taking my calls for past 30 mins. Last night also he was avoiding talking to me and then his phone was switched off till early morning today.”

“Hmmm, you better keep an close eye on him. I told you he’s not that sweet guy as you feel. He’s way too smart then you think.” other girl said.

“It’s not like that, he takes care of me a lot.” she said defending and dialed her boyfriend’s number.

After few rings when the call was not answered, she was quite irritated and almost shouted “what the f***…” and everyone around in Metro stared at her.

“Let him call back, I will not spare him now.”

“Correct, this is not done. How can he treat you like this….” said her friend.

And the phone rang almost immediately with a romantic song being played “Zara Zara mehakta hae….”. She looked at her phone while picture of a young man was flashing on the screen, and she disconnected the call. This continued for next 5 minutes, she was smiling with pride while her friend commented “Good job, he should realize your worth.” and both of them laughed with a high-five.

When she finally took the call, was almost not speaking at all. On the other end one could hear a male voice pleading, exact words were not audible but “please” was quite obvious clear. Interestingly she put her phone on mute and was smiling, winking at times to her friend; who was so pleased to see all this.

Finally she said “Ok” after 10 mins and disconnected the call.

“What?” friend asked.

“He is taking off today and we are going for a movie. He will meet at Preet Vihar metro station” with a big smile she said.

“What??? And you agreed just on this? How could you? He was not talking to you since last night and you let him go for only this?”

“Baby, it’s not a small price to pay considering I knew he was out for his cousin’s engagement last night and his phone’s battery died but still managed to drop a message before that. And in morning he is usually driving to work and is not able to take calls…”

Friend could not utter anything except “bitch, you are..” while she got down at Preet Vihar…

Just like that

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